7 Reasons Why Women Are Losing Hair – Aside from Ageing

Hair loss can occur unexpectedly: one minute all strands are reporting for duty, and the next, your ponytail is half the size, with a bald spot. And, with so many possible reasons of hair loss, figuring out why yours is falling out, much alone what to do about it, may be time-consuming and stressful. According … Read more

REVEALED: Top 30 Ways Brits Express Love in Relationships

Oh, love is in the air! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the top 30 ways Brits show their love for their partner have been published, with making dinner and complementing their appearance at the top of the list. The research was commissioned by Hallmark, as the family-owned greeting card company aims to know the top … Read more

Bacteria worsens wrinkles, 1 new study finds

New research indicates that bacteria on the skin can worsen wrinkles and crow’s feet in women. Two well-known causes that might cause skin to lose its young suppleness are UV radiation exposure and aging. However, since wrinkled women were discovered to have more forms of bacteria on their faces, experts are now considering the possibility … Read more

How to Easily Adjust Your Sleep Routine in 2024

Nothing compares to having a restful night’s sleep, but a lot of us have trouble falling asleep at a decent hour. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that one in three persons in the United States frequently don’t get enough sleep. A higher chance of acquiring diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, … Read more

Botox in Med Spas in 2023 – Is it a Good Idea?

Once upon a time, Botox was a private procedure available only to the wealthy and well-known. Fast forward to 2023, this is not the story anymore. Not only are more influencers and celebrities openly discussing obtaining it these days, but the injection is also much more affordable. Rather than going the conventional way and paying … Read more

Histamine High: Top 6 Foods to Watch Out For this Christmas


Experts have advised that recurrent headaches could indicate a food intolerance. The few foods, some of which are consumed around Christmas, have a substance called histamine, which has certain advantages for the body but also has certain drawbacks. High histamine foods include packaged meats and aged cheese, which are commonly served at celebratory gatherings. Histamine … Read more

Is your Christmas Tree making you sick? 1 Expert Says Yes.

This winter, if you find yourself feeling run-down, there might be an unexpected cause of your sickness: your Christmas tree. What’s the Christmas Tree Syndrome? Most of us will have decorated and hung our Christmas trees by now in preparation for the big day later this month. However, did you realize that your allergies could … Read more

Is it safe to shave your leg hair? 2 things that prove it isn’t

The startling truth about shaving your legs with a razor—that it can cause more harm than good—has been revealed by a cosmetic expert. Shaving is a typical beauty habit that involves using razors to get rid of undesirable hair; studies show that some women shave almost every two to three days. What London-based hair expert … Read more

5 Quick and Easy Back Exercises You Can Do in Bed

Back pain is one of the most common complaints that individuals have to their doctors. Nearly 65 million Americans have recently experienced back discomfort. Some 16 million adults — or 8% of all adults — suffer from persistent or chronic back pain, limiting their daily activities. The good news is a renowned physical therapist in … Read more