Cleaning expert reveals list of FOOD you shouldn’t put inside the freezer – including Lettuce!

When it comes to extending the life of your food, using your freezer appears to be the obvious approach.

However, according to an organising and cleaning expert, there are several foods that should never be frozen. While you may be shocked by a few, a simple swap could make all the difference, as the pro revealed that certain items lose flavour when frozen.

@neat.caroline, a popular content creator, shared the tip. Caroline noted in a post about the subject, “When lettuce freezes, it goes from crisp to mushy.”

She also said that you shouldn’t freeze sauce or gravy because “they can end up watery when they thaw out.”

According to the expert, most dairy products are not appropriate for freezing. “Milk, sour cream, and yoghurt can separate and curdle when they defrost,” Caroline explained.

Other foods, on the other hand, lose flavour when cooked from frozen. “When cooked pasta or rice thaws out in the freezer, it will taste overcooked and flavourless,” the expert says.

Similarly, she stated that “freezing your coffee can actually remove some of the flavour and aromas.”

Caroline also warned against freezing potatoes since they may turn “soft and grainy” when defrosted.

Finally, she issued a warning: “When canned or bottled beverages are frozen, they may potentially explode.”