REVEALED: Top 30 Ways Brits Express Love in Relationships

Oh, love is in the air! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the top 30 ways Brits show their love for their partner have been published, with making dinner and complementing their appearance at the top of the list. The research was commissioned by¬†Hallmark, as the family-owned greeting card company aims to know the top … Read more

What Happens to Your Body When You Watch 1 Scary Movie?

Halloween season, where everyone wants to watch a scary movie. There is a growing desire for a spooky horror film just as Halloween creeps in. Whether you can keep your eyes fixed on the screen as the suspense increases or whether you can always guess the plot and track who the real culprit is. Watching … Read more

Moms! Your toddler’s formula milk has no nutritional advantage, experts say

Are you feeding your baby with formula milk? This latest report may change the things you get from the grocery store. Formula Milk Has No Nutritional Advantage According to a new assessment from the American Academy of Pediatrics, toddler formulas give no nutritional advantage over a varied, well-balanced diet that includes either human or cow … Read more

The Truth About Bananas and Berries – Why This Combo May Be Bad For You

bananas and berries womans week

The hot weather may be coming to an end, but the love for the thirst-quenching bananas and berries combo will not. Whatever the season is, bananas and berries have been one of the favourite fruit pairings for fruit bowls, smoothies, and desserts. However, while it may seem like a sweet treat, a new study says … Read more

Is Manifesting Real? Here’s What Research Says About It.

It’s the increasingly popular idea that we can ‘cosmically attract’ success to ourselves. But those who believe in the practice of ‘manifesting’ are more at risk of bankruptcy, a study suggests. Researchers also found they were more likely to be drawn to risky investments and to believe they could achieve an unlikely level of success … Read more